DRC welcoming new staff

We have found two amazing people for both cultural training and innovation sector 🙂

Meet Aelaf Gebreamlak and Stephan Lander

Aelaf is a Psychology graduate who is working on the cultural training sector. Looking forward to learn the unique ways of desert rose in making a difference in people’s understanding of different cultures.

Stephan is working on the innovation and water sector; he is from Colorado, United States. He studied mechanical engineering and biochemistry at Calvin College. Very excited to work with the team that works on innovation and water at Desert Rose to help improve the health of communities through water filters.




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  • Hi dear Co-Developers of Ethiopian Rural Live Conditions,
    We are looking for some solar technician who would be able to resolve electronic problems of our farm power station
    and who might be able to give support in the future, when a problem arises.
    It might be an expat for the beginning.
    Thanks for any hint.
    Greetings to Thomas from his home town….


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