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Sensitization with hands, heart and mind

Helping people to understand complex human-nature interactions in a joyful way.


Learning by playing – for children and grownups

Over many years of experience, Desert Rose has developed expertise in designing board- and card-games, which help people to understand complex social and environmental interactions and teach them how to maintain and increase economic, social and bodily strength. Whether you’re a NGO, Governmental Ministry or Organization – we design games for your needs to serve the people.

Games we have developed so far:


Learn about sustainable agriculture, the impact of crop-diversification and the reduction of soil nutrients over time. Idealfor playing among farmer communities.


Learn about hygiene and the importance of hand-washing. Ideal to be played in schools and at home with your family and friends.

Dr. 10 / Dr. 50

Your children don’t like mathematics? This game will make them love it! It helps them to approach mathematics in a playfull and excitingly competitive way.

You want us to develop your game for your needs?

If your organization identified a pressing issue in society (e.g. sensitization, maths, etc.), which you want to sensitize on, we design your game.

Please get in touch via the above mentioned phone/email.