Ethiopia for Expats

Understand the Ethiopian way of life in depth and you will enjoy living here even more and definitely be more effective at your work.

Ethiopia has a beautiful and unique culture, whose complexities are often not immediately understood by visitors and foreign workers.

Tension or frustration among expats living in any foreign country is often the result of simple cultural misunderstandings. More generally referred to as “culture shock.” You would be surprised how easy it can be to overcome these misunderstandings in Ethiopia with a little insight into how things are done here.

Where we come in

We teach, coach, train and mentor you alone, as a family, group or organization. We don’t focus on traditional culture, food, clothes or celebrations. Our goal is to equip you with tools to smoother and more fulfilling interactions with Ethiopia and her people.

What we offer Ethiopia-specific

  • Basic Ethiopian culture: there isn’t much you really need to know, but these few things really matter
  • Work in Ethiopia: you would be surprised how little it takes to double your efficiency
  • Intro to Amharic: you learn just enough to win people’s hearts
  • History: a culture of this heritage can be understood much better through its past
  • Religion: faith still shapes a lot of what happens
  • Ethiopian lowland cultures: Understanding pastoralists is key to working with them

What we offer for expats in general

  • Working cross-culturally
  • Basic culture and language learning tools
  • Transition and culture shock as family
  • Raising children in an international context
  • Dealing with economic interdependence