Collaborative brainstorming with the Center for Creative Leadershipamaebrainstorm

Desert Rose came together with partner Center for Creative Leadership for an inspiring afternoon of brainstorming. Our challenge: to design a low-cost container which will hold the board pieces for the mid-range camel game we’re developing for Mercy Corps.

Our focus over the last month has been to finalise the design for the mid-range board game we are developing for Mercy Corps. Different from the high-end teaser and the cheapest version, the idea behind this particular edition is to provide an option for middle-income buyers. By providing three game options, we aim to supply enough choice without overwhelming buyers with too many varieties.

“One of the toughest challenges when it came to designing this particular version was to design game pieces which offered something more substantial and attractive than the cheapest version, were low cost and could also be made from a material easily accessible to local manufacturers in Jigjiga.”

Andrew, Desert Rose Consultant

We will be gauging customer reactions before amending the products and preparing for a wider launch in August.

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