Designing for the end user

Effectively communicating how our products work is a key consideration here at Desert Rose, and central to human-centric design. For this reason, as well as including written rules for the game, we have been busy developing a simple animated video of the Ganacsi camel game’s rules. This will help the illiterate community learn and understand the rules as well as create some excitement and intrigue towards the game itself.

The film has the ability to be shared by users using mobile phone via Bluetooth and SMS messaging.

Feedback had reflected that a previous ‘prototype’ animation we produced was too long (15 minutes), so the newest version incorporates a more summarised version of the rules (5 minutes).

According to a 2007 report by Save the Children, an estimated 80-90% of Somalis living in the Somali region of Ethiopia are unable to read. This means that many are heavily reliant on visual indicators, just to get by in day to day life.Mobile phone usage is extremely high within Somali communities. So we came up with the idea to share the game’s rules through a short simple film with Somali voiceover. Once we’d carefully translated the rules from English to Somali, we recorded them in a studio.


mobileCamel.Game.THE.Rules.lilInterested in knowing more.  Download the rules of the game as a .pdf in English or for your phone as a .3gp file (in Somali!)