With almost 20 new investors backing the MINCH venture we are now pushing ahead with building a small-scale manufacturing capacity.

Workshop filling up with our first batch of filters

We’ve rented a larger workshop space and have built a small but capable team of fabricators and assemblers.  We’re looking in good shape to hit our first 100 filters delivery target of 12 Nov, and quickly move to a 200 units / month capability.

Encouraged by the Inclusive Business Accelerator we have built a very inclusive team that have all the skills and capabilities we need. Currently 60% of the assembly team are profoundly hearing impaired.   We’re all learning new bits of sign-language!

The filter cartridge components are being fabricated by women from Addis Guzo, a charity based in Addis Ababa that encourages entrepreneurship and physical activity and mobility amongst physically disabled in the city.

Women’s team assemble filter cartridges
Deaf team assembling MINCH filters

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