Desert Rose is happy to present “GABISSAA” – a fun, interesting and easily understandable game for farmers.

Collaborating with CRS (Catholic relief service) we played this game with farmers in Dire Dawa, their testimonies where astonishing.

Famer –    “Can you leave the Game with us? we love it!”

One of the facilitators – said it was hard to train the farmers because they wouldn’t want to sit for even half an hour but now they are willing to play the game for more than an hour, also they are picking the lessons them selves. WE NEED THIS GAME!

______________________ “Farmers going hungry”_________________________



1) Undermining the use of  weather forecast

2)  Soil losing fertility

3) Deforestation

4) Lack of knowledge about saving

GABISSAA game is addressing these issues and surely farmers that played this game will have a better judgment and choice. In general they will have a better life.


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