Since March 2017 we have been field testing MINCH filters in a rural location two hours from Addis Ababa.  In this independent trial, our filter is pitted against the best filters available in Ethiopia.  The trial is being conducted by EKHCDC (Ethiopian Kale Hiwot Church Development Commission) sponsored by CAWST, (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology) to compare real-life performance, acceptance and usability of different types of filter, both imported filters and locally available.

The community was chosen because they have little choice but to use extremely contaminated surface water

Feedback gathered by EKHCDC from the community concerning the MINCH filters was extremely positive.

E.coli removal was tested by EKHCDC to be on average 99.99% with flow rates of 2L/hour.  The full report (for the first round of results) is available here.

Thanks to our dedicated Desert Rose field team who went to GREAT lengths to get these filters installed in time.


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